Muses Voice

The Muses Voice is a new arts, culture and philosophy newsletter serving the people of Europe  and indeed internationally. Published by the Museum of the Muses, we aim to give a voice to all those who are too often voiceless in today’s troubled world: artists, poets, musicians, scholars, philosophers, mystics, writers, librarians, lovers of learning and literature, peace-lovers, saints and sages, women and youth, archaeologists, bookshop owners, craftspeople, historians, Bards, folklorists, antiquarians, nature-lovers, Pagans, Christians, Sufis, Buddhists, Kabbalists, spiritual seekers of all traditions, healers, scientists, intellectuals – in short all who keep alive the sacred flame of culture and the Muses. Published twice a year at the sacred Druid festivals (Samhain and Beltane) we aim to entertain, entrance, delight and educate… Founded at the Castle of the Muses in Argyll, Scotland, it has now moved to France, a land which truly welcomes the Muses..

To order a complimentary copy contact Muses Press here.

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