Transpersonal History Lectures

This course presents a unique overview of the new field of Transpersonal History, which combines the insights of transpersonal psychology with that of scientific and academic historiography. The course presents a thorough overview of the potential insights that transpersonal history can shed on areas of traditional historical scholarship, like shining a light on them from an integral, holistic perspective. This course is  the most in-depth consideration of history from a transpersonal perspective ever given. The course is based on Dr Daffern’s doctoral thesis, entitled Toward a Transpersonal History of the Search for Peace 1945-2001 and also based on the unique Periodic Table of the World’s Religious and Philosophical Traditions devised and published by Dr Daffern.

The following clip is from Lecture 6 – Intellectual history and transpersonal history

Lecture 1- Introduction: Transpersonal history – defining a new discipline
Lecture 2- Jung, Freud and the founding of the transpersonal approach in depth psychology and psychohistory
Lecture 3- Jungians and the transpersonal: Hillman, Joseph Campbell and beyond
Lecture 4- Maslow, Assagioli, Groff, and transpersonal history
Lecture 5- Ken Wilber, Integral theory and transpersonal history
Lecture 6- Intellectual history and transpersonal history
Lecture 7- The periodic table of religions and philosophies and transpersonal history
Lecture 8- Genres of history – diplomatic, political, social, economic, gender, cultural, materialist, and transpersonal history
Lecture 9- Psychohistories and transpersonal history: De Mause, Erikson etc
Lecture 10- Theosophy, Anthroposophy, esotericism and historiography and transpersonal history
Lecture 11- History of religions and spirituality — Eliade, Smart etc. Sufism, Kabbalah, Christianity, Buddhism, Druidry, Jainism, Hinduism, New Age, gnosis and transpersonal history
Lecture 12- History of sciences and transpersonal history
Lecture 13- History of global philosophies and transpersonal history
Lecture 14- History of the Arts, inspiration and transpersonal history
Lecture 15- Peace history, conflict resolution, the Afghan War and transpersonal history — by way of a conclusion which is not the end…

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